The Cloud Research Lab (Institut für Cloud Computing und IT-Sicherheit; IfCCITS) is part of the Faculty of Computer Science at Furtwangen University, Germany. We are currently doing research in the following topics: Cloud Computing, IT Security, Virtualization, HPC Cloud and Industry 4.0.

Prof. Christoph Reich and his team at IfCCITS

We are active in collaboration with companies such as Continental, doubleslash in developing future concepts and prototypes in the area of Industry 4.0, Cloud Computing and IT security. We head the BMBF projects, FHProFunt and are participating in an EU FP7 project.

Overview slides: German, English

Head of the IfCCITs: Prof. Dr. Christoph Reich (Faculty: Computer Science)

We are a member of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Cloud Research for Students

We offer Bachelor's and Master's thesis topics for students. Click here for more information: Thesis Topics.

Latest News:

 |  Publication: Audit criteria and checklist for Cloud Infrastructures

Publication: Audit criteria and checklist for Cloud Infrastructures published, Project:Security Audit as a Service

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