Technology Lab for Nano- and Microsystems

The lab

The lab which was set up by Furtwangen University in 1984 for use in teaching microsystems engineering and for research, has over the years built up a complete silicon technology production line covering a total area of 270 m². Here all the equipment needed to produce micromechanical sensors and actuators, as well as simple integrated switches and solar cells is available. Since 1999 we have also been working in the area of nanotechnology.

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In the study programme

During practicals students learn how to work with the tools and technologies of microsystems engineering, and can manufacture a solar cell themselves. During project, thesis and doctoral work, students can independently design, manufacture and characterize sensors and actuators thus gaining a good practical basis and current knowledge in what is an extraordinarily interesting field of industry.

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Microsystems engineering is one of the largest and strongest performing areas of research at Furtwangen University. Headed by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mescheder, numerous internationally recognized research projects have been carried out over the last few years in the field of microsystems engineering and nanotechnology. Development work has repeatedly been successfully tranferred into industrial applications. Publications in international journals and patents demonstrate the quality of the current R&D work in the technology lab for nano- and microsystems.

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