Clean Room

For practical training in microsystems engineering and research, Furtwangen University has a complete silicon technology production line.

  • 270 m² area of clean room
  • 4" wafers
  • 5" masks

Technology and Processes

Photolithography and mask technology

  • contact exposure (also alignment of front side with back side)
  • own production of lithography masks

Etching technology

  • RIE (SF6)
  • wet-chemical etching (wafers and masks)
  • anodic etching of silicon (production of porous silicon)

Heat processes

  • oxidation; diffusion; doping with boron and phosphorus
  • low-strain SiN (LPCVD)
  • polychrystalline silicon (LPCVD)

PVD thin film processes

  • vapour deposition: Al/Cu und Cr
  • sputtering: Al/Cu/Si; SiO2; SiN

Ion implantation

  • mid-stream implanter: boron; phosphorus; argon; up to 150 keV


  • a fountain system and a rack system

Laser machining

  • separation of chips
  • creation of holes
  • wafer bonding

Assembly tools

  • wafer saw
  • chip bonding machine
  • wire bonding machine


  • SEM
  • AFM
  • optical microscope
  • CD measurement
  • spectrometer to measure thickness
  • contour measuring instrument
  • layer resistance measuring instrument
  • membrane thickness measuring instrument
  • absorption- and desorption measuring instrument (measurement of pore size)
  • CV measurement