High-performance/high-speed grinding of carbon-fibre reinforced ceramic materials using innovative tools and highly efficient emulsion - hybrid lightweight construction

(1) Rotating grinding kinematics to reduce thermal damage during machining of CFK
(2) Sketch showing texturing with a picosecond laser

This project deals with the creation of a new, integrated technology for the  processing of hybrid lightweight construction materials using high-performance/high-speed grinding. Of prime importance is the development of innovative metal and hybrid-composite diamond grinding wheels which are highly efficient and process reliable, as well as the application of new grinding kinematics (see picture 1).  The development of a high-performance grinding machine with a filtration plant optimized for ultra-fine particles, a coolant lubricant suitable for the process, and an in-process laser-conditioning method (see picture 2), are also planned. The goal of the project is a reliable and high-performance finishing of hybrid materials, which will lead to environmentally friendly and cost-effective production and thus to a broader industrial application of hybrid lightweight products.

  • Funding organization: Baden-W├╝rttemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts 2014-2017
    Funding programme: Baden-W├╝rttemberg joint research: fibre-reinforced materials
  • Partner: Riegger-Diamantwerkzeuge, HKS, HAUX Maschinenbau, Epucret