Development of a new generation of machines to dress diamond grinding wheels using lasers - LaserDress

Grinding machines with diamond granules are often used for the finishing of brittle and hard materials (carbide metal, ceramics, glass). The tool life is economical thanks to the extreme hardness of diamond granules. However this advantage is also a large disadvantage: contouring and dressing is very time-consuming. The silicium-carbide dressing rolls which are used are liable to considerable wear and tear. Therefore this process will be replaced with a completely new process using a non-wearing laser which until now has not been available on the market. This introduction of a new generation of machines makes it possible for the first time, to use the whole process of conditioning of diamond grinding tools, non-wearing and with a high precision in a machine, and thus being able to take advantage of optimally designed macro- and micro topographies of the tool surfaces. Kirner Maschinenbau is responsible for the development of the innovative core of the new machines while the development of the processes is carried out by the Institute of Precision Machining (KSF).

  • Funding organization: Federal ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) (2014-2016)
    Funding programme: ZIM Joint research project
  • Partner: Kirner Maschinenbau