Innovative use of picosecond lasers in the dressing and texturing of CBN and diamond grinding tools

High temperatures are the outcome of grinding processes. Solid cooling lubricants are used to reduce or dissipate the unwanted heat in the contact zone and small amounts of these end up in the grinding zone. The creation of special structures on grinding wheels is an effective way to reduce the temperature in the grinding wheel-workpiece contact zone.

The laser method is used due to the high precision and the possibility to produce complex and narrow structures. The use of a picosecond laser offers the advantage of very short processing times and thus optimal control of the process. In this way a selective finishing of the various materials of the composite and the granules is made possible. Additionally, the use of a laser avoids the high consumption of cooling lubricant, considerably reducing environmental pollution.

  • Funding organization: Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts
  • Funding programme: Innovative Projects / Joint project in BW universities
  • Partner: Bärhausen, Trumpf