English – Basic and Advanced levels

Basic English at levels 5 and 6 provides subject-specific language instruction for students of engineering sciences (Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Media, Health). In the courses offered (Business, Computer Science 2 & 3 and Technology 2 & 3), the focus is on the relevant fields of study. Course participants require several years of school English and intermediate language skills.

Advanced English (level 7) lays the foundations for subject-specific communication skills in English.
The courses at this level – Business Communication, Health Care and Technology in Furtwangen and Schwenningen – provide a basis of Business or Technical English and an introduction to the culture of English-speaking countries. Participation in courses at this level is conditional upon passing a placement test or successfully completing level 6.

Courses available:

English 5  Business, Technology 2 or Computer Science 2
English 6  Business, Technology 3 or Computer Science 3
English 7  Business Communication
English 7  Health Care
English 7  Technology 4

English certificate course

To be awarded the Certificate of Advanced Studies (Hochschulzertifikat) in English, participants must take 4 of the advanced courses shown below during the course of their degree. The course aims to develop solid, subject-specific English communication skills. At the end of the course the students can:

  • Communicate in normal, everyday academic situations
  • Understand specialist literature in English and be able to answer questions
  • Write long specialist texts with high level of accuracy

Participation in certificate courses is conditional upon successfully completing one advanced/level 7 English course (Business, Health Care or Technology) with a minimum grade of 2.0 or passing a placement test for level 8, or proof of residence in an English-speaking country for a minimum of six months. The final grade of the certificate is calculated from the average grades awarded in two courses at levels 8 and 9.

Courses available:

  • English 8  Academic Speaking (2 SWS) - FU / VS
  • English 8  Academic Writing (2 SWS) - FU / VS
  • English 8  Technology 5 (2 SWS) - VS
  • English 9  Advanced Academic Speaking (2 SWS) - FU / VS
  • English 9  Advanced Academic Writing (2 SWS) - FU / VS