General Questions

When do the language courses start?

  • The courses always start in the 2nd week of the lecture period.
  • Please note that you MUST attend the first lecture of your registered course, otherwise you will lose your place on the course.
  • If you are taking an English course for the first time, please make sure you bring the results of your placement test. This will be checked by your teacher to ensure you are in the correct class.
  • If you cannot attend the first lecture, please inform your teacher by email in advance to request permission to stay in the course.

Can I participate in a course I have already taken?

  • No, this is only possible if you failed it previously.
  • The Examinations Office does not permit the course to be taken twice and you will not be accredited for the course.

Can I deregister from a course?

  • Yes, but only if you have not yet registered the course with the Examinations Office.
  • The registration period is usually three weeks after lectures begin, but please check this.

Is participation in the lectures compulsory?

  • You must attend the first lecture of your registered course, otherwise you will lose your place in the course.
  • If you miss more than three classes, you will not be allowed to take the exam and cannot pass the course. This includes absence due to sickness, other university events, for personal reasons, etc.

Must / can / should I take a language course this semester? Will I get the ECTS points for the course?

  • Unfortunately, these questions cannot be answered by the Language Center. Please discuss this with your Dean of Studies and/or the Examinations Office ahead of time.

Questions about NEO

Error message during Login - How can I renew my registration?

If you try to log in and receive this error message: Your account has been archived; please contact your site administrator for assistance, it means you have already taken a language course at the Language Center in a previous semester and your NEO account has been archived. You will have to re-register and create a new profile as follows:

  • click on:
  • Select Sign Up instead of Login.
  • Enter the access code for your chosen course or placement test. These will be listed under Registration when the online registration is opened.
  • Enter requested data.
  • Your registration is now completed.

What can I do if my preferred course is already full?

  • Please select an alternative course.
  • If no alternative course is available and you must take a language course this semester, please apply directly to the Language Center in person in the first week of classes to find out if any places have become free again.
  • Please note that a place on the course can only be given if an existing place has become free again.

Is it possible to change courses after registration?

A change of courses is only possible:

  • if there are still places free, or places have become free again, on the course of choice.
  • until the end of the official registration period at the Examinations Office.

Please click on Unenroll then register for the new course.

I have a different problem with NEO. What can I do?

  • Please send an email to: mca(at) describing your problem as clearly as possible. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.