Press Office

  • deals with all university-related press and media matters
  • informs the public on current academic, research, further education and international developments
  • issues press releases on current university developments
  • coordinates contact with scientific experts in various fields of research upon request
  • advises and supports university faculties and central services on all public relations matters

Media Relations

Jutta Neumann, M.A.
Publicity Department
Press Officer
Tel: 00 49 (0)7723 920-2734
Furtwangen Campus, Room A 2.10
Schwenningen Campus, Room C0.01
Email: nej(at)

English Website

Morag Lehmann
HFU Business School - Business English
President's Office - Editor of English website
Tel: 00 49 (0)7720 307-4520
Schwenningen Campus, Room C 0.01
Email: lemo(at)