The Gender Equality Representative ensures that the German law on gender equality is upheld and implemented and supports the management in its implementation.

The Equal Opportunities Law passed on 26 February 2016 aims to actually implement equality between women and men, so that in the future discrimination on the basis of gender and family status is avoided. In particular equal participation of women and men in management positions should be supported. With this law the Gender Equality Representatives have been granted more rights. Important changes have already been made in the area of content of job vacancy descriptions and job interviews. For this reason Gender Equality Representatives will be more involved in the future in the recruitment process. They have the right to take part in all application procedures. They are not bound by the requirements of their other positions, but can act on their own initiative and report directly to the executive. Thus their employer must make provisions for them to be relieved from some of their other employment duties. The law also states that the representative can delegate some of their duties to their deputy.

The Gender Equality Representative has the right to be involved in the following specific cases:

  • drafting of the gender equality plan and its interim version
  • job advertisement (in cases of deviation from general policy)
  • job interviews
  • hirings and promotions in areas of under-representation
  • planning and design of training and continuing education measures
  • nominations to central bodies
  • whenever an application for family-oriented working times, part-time or home office work is turned down
  • unit management meetings

Furthermore, the Gender Equality Representative should be involved in all other issues of personnel, social or organisational issues which will affect the working situation of women. In particular this means general decisions on the assignment of training places, performance levels, the drafting of job descriptions, agreements regarding organisation of working hours and part-time work, the installation and change of home office spaces as well as organisational examinations and structural changes.
The Gender Equality Representative has the right to be heard by the management at her own initiative and direct access and, in the exercise of their job, is not bound by instructions. Consultations can be offered as well as an annual meeting of all female staff be called.

Gender Equality Representatives

Gender Equality Representative
Mervete Alijaj, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Tuttlingen Campus Room A 2.04
Phone: 07461- 1502-6342
Fax: 07461 1502-6201
Email: mervete.alijaj(at)

Deputy Gender Equality Representative
Sabine Vetter-Hauser
Schwenningen Campus Room F 0.07
Phone: 07720 - 307-4228

Office Hours
There are no fixed office hours and representatives are available by appointment only from Monday to Friday. Individual consultations and advice is, of course, always confidential.

Email: bfc-hfu(at)