Application Procedures

The following section describes the steps you need to take to apply for admission to a bachelor programme taught in German or a bilingual programme:

  1. Meeting entry requirements
  2. Application
  3. Selection process
  4. Admission
  5. Enrolment (matriculation)

Orientation Test

It is now mandatory for all university applicants in Baden-Württemberg to complete a university orientation test. This is intended as a service to all potential university candidates to enable them to navigate the wide range of study programmes and universities available and thus make a well-informed choice of degree programme.

The new general orientation test offered by universities and the State of Baden-Württemberg,, is especially useful for preparing future students for their courses. It consists of a standard questionnaire which helps to determine the interests and cognitive abilities of the candidate and matches them with degree programme requirements or careers. At the end of the test candidates receive an assessment with information about their academic interests and abilities, as well as recommendations for degree programmes and career options. The universities simply receive formal confirmation that the candidates have completed the orientation test. 

As an alternative to completing the web-based orientation test, we also accept other proof such as a personal consultation, e.g. through the Job Centre (Agentur für Arbeit).