Allocation of places

If the number of applicants for restricted degree programmes exceeds the number of places available, Furtwangen University allocates places according to an internal allocation process.
For degree programmes where the number of applicants does not exceed the places available, every applicant meeting the entry requirements is allocated a place; in this case, there is no selection process.

After the deduction of special quota reservations:

  • 90% of places are allocated by selection process
  • 10% of places are allocated according to official waiting times (not applicable to International Business Management)

Quota reservations

  • 10% foreign nationals (not applicable to EU nationals)
  • 5% hardship cases
  • 2% applicants for a second degree
  • 1% applicants with local ties of public interest
  • All priority cases (withdrawal due to compulsory military/community service)

Degree programmes are generally subject to an internal selection process. Different rules apply to all internationally focused, English language degree programmes (currently International Business Management): in their case, 50%  of available places are allocated to international (non-EU) applicants and the remaining 50% to German/EU applicants. 

The selection process will only include applicants who:

  • have applied before the stated deadline and fulfilled all other formal requirements for application 
  • are not part of the allocation process on the basis of one of the quota reservations

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria include:

  1. Secondary school performance – German, mathematics, and best-graded advanced-level modern foreign language. For International Business Management, only English-language skills are assessed.
  2. The overall grade of the university entrance qualification (Abitur, Fachhochschulreife, etc.) 
  3. Other achievements – including, for example:

    • Completed vocational training in the fields of technology, computer science or business
    • Practical experience in the areas of technology, computer science or business
    • Extracurricular achievements, e.g. prizes and awards
    • Activities abroad for a minimum of three months

A selection committee evaluates and ranks applicants based on the selection criteria shown above. Available places are allocated according to the order of the ranking list. There is no written test or personal interview for applications.

The application deadlines are:

  • for the next winter semester: 15 July 
  • for the next summer semester: 15 January 

Furtwangen University's regulations for the internal selection process can be viewed in the Admissions Office.

The allocation procedures are based on the State Regulations for the Allocation of Higher Education Places (Hochschulvergabeverordnung, HVVO).