Unconditional Offer

Candidates who have applied on time, have met the entry requirements, and have been allocated a place will receive an admissions offer letter from Furtwangen University:

  • By mid to late-January for the summer semester
  • By mid-July to early-August for the winter semester

Please note: candidates must confirm acceptance of their admissions offer in writing within a period of 10 days or they will forfeit their place.

Rejection Notice

Candidates who have applied on time and have met the entry requirements but have not been selected for a place will receive a rejection notice from Furtwangen University

  • By approx. the beginning of February for the summer semester
  • By approx. the beginning of August for the winter semester

The rejection notice will specify where the application was placed on the ranking list based on the selection process and any official waiting times.
At the same time, applicants will be told the ranking given to the application that was awarded the last place. Despite the rejection notice, there is the possibility of securing a place, either via the waiting list procedure for the desired degree programme or via an alternative application – provided one was submitted – for a different degree programme.
Where none of the above applies, applicants can submit a written notice to Furtwangen University declaring their intention to reapply for the following semester.

Waiting List Procedure

Past experience has shown that not all admissions offers are accepted by applicants. The waiting list procedure is used to allocate any places becoming available in this way to other applicants who have so far been unsuccessful in securing a place. Therefore, you might receive an offer of admission as late as the start of the lecture period.


Applicants interested in reapplying should declare their interest in writing; a simple letter is sufficient, but it must contain the candidate's application number and reconfirmation of the degree programme they wish to enter. In such cases, the previously submitted application documents will be used.