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Please contact the coordinator responsible for your course at the Student Administration/Examinations office if you have any questions.

Responsibilities of the Examinations Office

The primary responsibility of the Examinations Office is to collect, process, and evaluate all examination-related data (e.g. students' exam registrations and results or overall grades); to check whether students have exceeded the normal duration of studies or the maximum allowable number of penalty points; and to verify whether entry requirements have been met to undertake practical study semesters, begin a thesis, etc. In short, the Examinations Office ensures that every student is adhering to the Study and Examination Regulations (Studienprüfungsordnung – SPO) and the State Higher Education Act (Landeshochschulgesetz – LHG). The Examinations Office issues all official notifications and certifications.

In addition, the Examinations Office compiles, verifies, and publishes the examination schedules for the three-week examination period following the lecture period and coordinates the planning of taught courses for the following semester. 

The Examinations Office advises the faculties and the senate on changes to the Study and Examination Regulations. The Examinations Office, in cooperation with the Central Examination Board, ensures the clear and consistent interpretation of the SPO, LHG, and any exemptions across the university, taking into account not only legal texts but also recent legal rulings.

Examinations Office Directors

Prof. Dr Rütger Conzelmann
Responsible for students in the following faculties:
Industrial Technologies, Mechanical and Medical Engineering, Medical and Life Sciences, Business Administration and Engineering

Prof. Dr Albrecht Swietlik
Responsible for students in the following faculties:
Digital Media, Computer Science, HFU Business School, Health Safety Society and Business Information Systems

Furtwangen Campus, Room A 1.26
Telephone: +49 (0)7723 920 1210
Fax: +49 (0)7723 920 1229
Email: prf-amt(at) 

Office hours (FU, TUT and VS): by appointment