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If you withdraw from an examination without reason (medical note), it is possible that  BAföG funding may be cancelled by Student Services in Freiburg (Studentenwerk Freiburg). Please check in advance with Student Services Freiburg or your  BAföG counsellor!

Undergraduate Degree

There are two phases in an undergraduate degree:

  • Foundation level studies (semesters one & two)
  • Advanced level studies (semesters three to seven)

Foundation Level Studies

In the first two semesters, students complete modules to show that they have acquired the relevant theoretical foundations of the discipline, a range of methodological tools and a systematic overview of the subject area. The modules consist of one or more taught elements, including lectures and seminars. Examinations are generally conducted over the course of the degree programme, and require students to prove they have successfully completed one or more courses by testing those students in various ways (e.g. written tests, lab work, etc.). Examinations are usually scheduled to take place during the three week exam period at the end of the lecture period but can also take place during the semester.

Advanced Level Studies

Advanced level studies consist of further modules to deepen and expand the students' knowledge and understanding of their field of study. The advanced phase also includes the internship semester, as well as preparation of the bachelor's thesis in the final semester.