Summer semester 2017

Please note: the lectures offered can change in the first few weeks of the semester. Only the lists at the Examinations Office in Furtwangen, Schwenningen and Tuttlingen are binding. 

Mandatory Courses

Bachelor's programmes

Computer Science (AIB)

Computer Science (AIN)

Applied Health Sciences (AGW)

Bio- and Process Technology (BPT)
Business Management and Psychology (BMP)
Computer Networking (CNB)
Computer & Electrical Engineering (ETI)
Electrical Engineering (ELA)
Industrial Automation and Mechatronics (IAM)

Industrial Materials Engineering (IME)

Industrial Manufacturing (IMF)
Industrial MedTec (IMT)
Industrial Systems Design (ISD)
Industrial Virtual Engineering (IVE)
International Business Management (IBM)
International Business (IBW)
International Engineering (IEB)
IT Product Management (ITP)
Marketing and Sales (MVB)
Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics (MM)
Medical Engineering (MEB)
Computer Science in Media (MIB)
Media Design (MKB)
Molecular and Technical Medicine (MTZ)
Online Media (OMB)
Technical Orientation (Prep Course) (OT)
Product Engineering (PEB)
Physiotherapy (PT)
Security & Safety Engineering (SSB)
Service Management (SMB)
Software Product Management (SPB)
Business Information Systems (WIB)
Business Networking (eBusiness) (WNB)

Master's programmes

Applied Materials Science (AMW)
Advanced Precision Engineering (APE)

Business Application Architectures (BAM)

Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Business Consulting (BCM)

Interactive Media Design (DIM)

Executive Master of International Business Management / part-time (EMBA)

Computer Science (INM)

International Business Management (MBA)
International Management (IMM)

Mechatronic Systems (MES)

Medical Diagnostic Technologies (MDT)

Computer Science in Media Master (MIM)

Micromedicine (MZ)
Mobile Systems (MOS)
Sustainable Bioprocess Technology (NBT)
Sales & Service Engineering (SEM)

Security & Safety Engineering / Master (SSM)

Smart Systems (SMA)

Technical Physician (TP)

Business Administration and Engineering - Product Innovation (WPI)

Required electives (WPV)

in Furtwangen
in Schwenningen
in Tuttlingen

Courses with foreign language content

Furtwangen Campus
Furtwangen Campus - Language Center
Schwenningen Campus
Schwenningen Campus - Language Center
Tuttlingen Campus - Language Center