Courses and Seminars offered by the Student Services

It is possible to study and have fun too, you just have to know how. The seminars offered by the student services show you how to study successfully. Courses on offer include time management, presentation techniques and tips and tricks for writing papers, as well as techniques for coping with exam stress.

These seminars are open to Furtwangen University students but (usually) take place in Freiburg. Seminars will also usually be held in German, so please check beforehand if they are suitable to your needs.

Further information about seminars offered by Student Services Freiburg.

Caritas Support Services

The Caritasverband is a charity run by the Catholic Church which can help students in an emergency. Caritas social services offer emergency assistance to those who are in a critical situation in their lives to help them to get back on their feet again. Trained social workers offer free advice and support on a confidential basis.

In Furtwangen, Frau Klausmann from Caritas gives counselling in the following areas:

  • Pregnancy (also after the birth), maternity leave, financial assistance, Children's allowance, parents' allowance, parent's leave, etc.
  • Financial problems (debts)
  • Information and counselling in life threatening situations and social benefits

She can also arrange meetings with specialists in other areas such as addictions. Counselling is confidential, free of charge and independent of nationality and confession.

Hotline: 07721/8407-0

Werner Gutermann
Tel: 07721/992 9469

Andrea Klausmann
Lindenstraße 5
(side entrance of Maria Goretti kindergarden)
78120 Furtwangen

Tel: 07723/1075
Meetings by appointment

Bullying (Mobbing)

Bullying (in German - mobbing) is becoming increasingly serious in schools, universities and in working life and is often underestimated, denied and/or ignored. Harrassment, exclusion, molestation, insults and intrigues are no trifling matters. They need advice and handling. The Mobbing Hotline, run by the Protestant church (KDA) and the Catholic church (Kab) in the Freiburg region and the German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB), offers information and support in how to deal with this problem. Phone calls are handled anonymously.

The Mobbing Hotline 0761 / 292 800 99 is open Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00pm to 7.00pm. Please note, English-speaking staff may not always be available.

You can also talk to a counsellor from Student Services Freiburg.