According to the Baden-Württemberg State Higher Education Act (Landeshochschulgesetz – LHG), universities are tasked with advancing and implementing true equality of opportunities for women and men in higher education.

"Higher education institutions shall, in the fulfilment of all their duties, promote the true implementation of equal opportunities for women and men, and shall consider this as a guiding principle in all matters; they shall strive to eliminate existing disadvantages. Every five years, higher education institutions shall prepare a five-year equality strategy for full-time academic staff, which shall contain objectives and deadlines. They shall provide reports on the implementation and achievements at regular intervals."” (§ 4, paragraph 1, LHG)

This task is complex and multifaceted. On the one hand, it is about increasing the proportion of women in areas in which women are underrepresented. On the other hand, it is about creating an inclusive environment that enables all members of the university to reach their full potential. Numerous studies demonstrate that improved productivity can be achieved by a diverse work force. Such a work force represents a big opportunity, especially in terms of innovativeness – as well as a chance to include everyone according to their individual abilities.

Furtwangen University wants to seize this opportunity: we actively promote both the compatibility of family and work/study and the awareness of gender issues, and we take the particular personal circumstances of all university members into full consideration.

Mission statement