The Equal Opportunities Representative supports the university in developing its equality strategy to promote equal opportunities for women and men. As a member of the senate, the Equal Opportunities Representative takes part in appointment and selection committees in an advisory capacity. The Equal Opportunities Representative has a right to review the content of job vacancy advertisements to view applications for posts for which both women and men have applied. The Equal Opportunities Representative is also responsible for cases of sexual harassment of women, both staff and students. The Equal Opportunities Representative supports the university in the development of equal opportunities strategies.

Current equality strategy of HFU

The current Equal Opportunities Representative is: 
Dr. Marianne Andres
E-Mail and(at)

The current deputy Equal Opportunities Representatives are:
Prof. Dr. Birgit Reime (FU)
E-Mail rebi(at)

Karin Lachner (VS)
E-Mail la(at)

Martina Warmer (TUT)
E-Mail war(at)

Further information and services are available here.