The aim of the university is to create work and study conditions for staff and students which make possible successful combination of family and work.

In doing so HFU uses an open definition of family of a cross-generational alliance in which people take responsibility for one another. Foster, adoptive and stepfamily are as much a part of this as same-sex relationships. Our university lives from its family atmosphere and families in particular should profit from this. To do so we try to create and improve relevant frameworks and structures. Furtwangen University has been accredited as a family-friendly university since 2008 and was reaudited and received an award in 2011. In 2014 HFU signed the "Familie in der Hochschule" charter and now belongs to the  Best Practice Club of family-friends universities in Germany. The charter is a programme set up by the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Representatives of the Federal Government for the new States in cooperation with the CHE Centre for University Development.

HFU was one of the first to sign. The charter sets out family-friendly standards in the areas of academic and management stylel, work conditions, health promotion and infrastructure. Membership of the Best Practice-Club is based on the committment to implement the content of the charter at Furtwangen University. Together with the HFU Equal Opportunities plan the path to a family-friendly university with equality of the genders is being consistently followed.

The Family-friendly office at HFU supports the university on this path.


Edeltraud Fehrenbach
Equality and Family-friendly University Office
Furtwangen University
Robert-Gerwig-Platz 17
8120 Furtwangen

Tel: 07723-920-2056
Email: efe(at)