Studying as a Parent

Combining academic study with the responsibilities of supporting a family is challenging. Furtwangen University has committed itself wholeheartedly to enabling its students  to combine family responsibilities with their studies. HFU has been certified as a family-friendly university since 2008, and seeks to continuously improve measures to support study conditions and the study environment for families.

A brief overview of our services can be found in our Study and Family flyer.

Benefits available to Pregnant Students and Students with Children

Pregnant students and students with children are not only protected by the relevant pregnancy and maternity laws, but are also entitled to certain exceptions to the study and examination regulations (SPO) to give them more flexibility in pursuing their studies.

Protection periods and the Maternity Protection Act

The SPO of Furtwangen University enables you to take advantage of the protective rights under the Maternity Protection Act and under the periods of the legal parental leave (§ 32 para.3 State University Law (LHG).

Maternity leave is 6 weeks prior to and eight weeks after giving birth.

Parental leave is 8 weeks after the birth until the end of the child's 3rd year. Both parents can apply for parental in the same time period. The following form should be used: Mitteilung Mutterschutz und/oder Elternzeit.

The form should be submitted to the Student Administration Office (Prüfungsamt) no later than 4 weeks before the period of parental leave applied for. The Student Administration Office will inform the relevant dean of studies. (§31a Bachelor's SPO and § 24b Master's SPO)

More information can be found in the Leaflet for parents-to-be and students with children about studying and taking exams

Semester Abroad with Kids Scholarship
The scholarship is designed to help parents who would like to take their children abroad with them during their study abroad semester. Every year, 2 "courageous" female students with children will be financially supported to do so to the amount of €3000. More information can be found here.

Contact Person

For general questions regarding the combination of family and study at HFU, please contact the Gender and Diversity representative.

For support in claiming your legal rights, please contact the Equal Opportunity representatives.