International Organization of Lake Constance Universities

Furtwangen University is a member of the cross-border university organization, the Hochschulverbund Internationale Bodensee-Hochschule (International Organization of Lake Constance Universities). Thirty universities from four countries - Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Lichtenstein - belong to the organization. With over 100,000 students, approximately 20,000 members of staff and 3,000 professors, this organization is the largest inter-university organization in Europe. The member universities are actively networked using synergies for cross-border collaborations. The IBH supports projects in the areas of teaching, research and development, knowledge and technology transfer and structure building, in which a minimum of 2 universities from at least 2 of the 4 member countries participate.

Trinational Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region (TMO)

Furtwangen University is a cooperation partner in the Trinationalen Metropolregion Oberrhein (Trinational Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region), an exemplary Centre of Excellence in the heart of Europe. The Upper Rhine region on the borders between France, Germany and Switzerland, plays a leading role in research, development and innovation. The TMO connects many first-rate academic universities and research and development institutes with high-growth potential sectors and innovative companies, creating an effective network of those at the forefront of research, development and innovation.


As a member of GATE-Germany, Furtwangen University has access to the services of the largest and most-experienced providers of international university marketing. Started in 2001, GATE-Germany now has 147 member universities at which 85% of all international students in Germany are enrolled. The target-market and region-specific services of GATE-Germany take into consideration the various needs of the universities which are supported through the worldwide image campaign, "Study in Germany - Land of Ideas". GATE-Germany also delivers marketing strategies and the professional positioning of German universities on the international education market.