HFU objectives are continuous quality improvement

HFU aims to constantly improve its excellent reputation as an innovative university which provides an education of outstanding quality. 

Teaching and learning is designed in a way that allows students to achieve the educational objectives set for individual subjects and for each degree programme. Soft skills and methodological competence are also provided meaning graduates are well-equipped to support new developments in their chosen professional fields.

Our graduates represent HFU positively: 

  • as pillars of the regional economy, strengthening the region as a whole 
  • as highly sought-after graduates enjoying recognition beyond the region
  • as skilled employees with the ability to work at an international level 

The university achieves this quality in an informal learning and teaching environment that places a constructive emphasis on open dialogue.

Strategic objectives

  • Provide practical, high-quality teaching interwoven with application-oriented research 
  • Provide methodological competencies and soft skills enabling students to undertake further independent study 
  • Establish close relationships with regional industry/business 
  • Provide range of degree programmes which are constantly updated following current developments, to meet both the demand for study places and the expectations of graduates
  • Provide strong international focus and network offering students optional study semester or internship abroad 
  • Create educational opportunities for lifelong learning 
  • Encourage high-performance students to become junior researchers 
  • Employ highly-qualified teaching staff committed to continuous professional development
  • Maintain position as a leading educational institution in terms of size, innovational strength and quality of education

Measures taken to achieve objectives

  • Enable continuous improvement through the implementation of quality control
  • Develop quality management standards and encourage sharing of best practices through the Quality Management Board which has representatives from all organisational levels of the university
  • Use practical feedback from integrated internships and thesis projects as valuable contributions to quality monitoring 
  • Ensure the involvement of industry in development and improvement of degree programmes,
  • Provide a practically-oriented education incorporating industry-focused projects which allow us to exchange expertise with companies operating in the field 
  • Provide students with intensive, individual support in an informal learning environment 
  • Foster contact with many different universities outside Germany 
  • Encourage students to spend time abroad and support them in the logistical process 
  • Offer courses taught in English in every faculty
  • Include students in research projects 
  • Support the development of young academics with cooperative doctoral programmes, including doctoral study courses 
  • Encourage lifelong learning through the HFU Academy