Structures and procedures at Furtwangen University are continuously evaluated and improved through our quality management system to ensure high academic quality, not only in the performance of the faculties and degree programmes, but also in the central services such as the Examinations and Admissions Office, the International Center, the Information and Media Centre and the Language Center.

Details of the university's quality management system can be found here.

At regular intervals, external quality assurance measures and procedures are also implemented to ensure adequate development of the university's quality system. These include programme accreditation for HFU degree programmes, audits of institutional quality assurance conducted by evalag (Evaluation Agency Baden-W├╝rttemberg), and system accreditation conducted by ACQUIN (Accreditation, Certification, and Quality Assurance Institute, Bayreuth).

In May 2013, Furtwangen University received the highly sought-after system accreditation award which guarantees the high academic level of all degree programmes in the university. The long and rigorous process leading to accreditation explains why we were only the eleventh university in Germany and only the second University of Applied Sciences nationwide to become fully accredited.