What is system accreditation?

From left to right: Thomas Reil and Dorit Gerkens (both ACQUIN), Prof. Dr. Rolf Schofer(Rector), Prof. Dr. Anton Karle, Petra Suwalski, Prof. Dr. Edgar J├Ąger, Jasmin Maier (all HFU), Sybille Jakubowicz (evalag)

In May 2013 Furtwangen University became one of the first universities in Germany to be awarded the highly sought-after system accreditation seal of approval. System accreditation confirms that our quality standards are high and that we are committed to maintaining a culture of quality.

Specifically what this means is that the internal quality management system of the university has been reviewed according to system accreditation standards to assess its ability to maintain quality standards and allow for continuous development and improvement in our quality levels. This has now been confirmed through accreditation and as a result the high quality of all academic programmes offered by the university, not only individual study programmes, is guaranteed.